Woodland Hills Homes for Sale

The best of indoors and outdoors!

Woodland Hills, CA has something for everyone – from hillside or rustic homes south of the Boulevard to ranch homes in Walnut Acres to urban lofts in the Warner Center.  I love Woodland Hills because there is lush landscaping, great shopping and recreation to appreciate both the indoors and outdoors, less traffic than the Westside, accessible FREE parking and the free Summer Concerts on the Green in Warner Park. There is always something to do and it’s close enough to Century City or Downtown to commute into the city each day.  This is what makes Woodland Hills such a popular community in the San Fernando Valley. AreaVibes gives Woodland Hills, CA an A+ for amenities. Unfortunately the cost of housing hurts our overall ranking similar to much of the greater Los Angeles area. We are ranked #16 neighborhood overall in the Los Angeles Area.


Things to Do in Woodland Hills


The weather in Woodland Hills is just right for swimming, hiking, cycling, baseball, soccer, tennis, badminton and most importantly walking (strollers, dogs, kids, wheelchairs – you name it everyone strolls). In case you’re curious Warner Center park measures .67 mile per lap. Summers are warm in Woodland Hills so when you’re hot and dusty from other recreational activities there is nothing better than a morning, afternoon or evening swim! Or you can take the 30 minute drive or Topanga Beach Bus for $1 to the Beach to do some body surfing & windsailing. The Pacific Ocean is cold but we think of it as invigorating!


Shopping is almost a sport in Woodland Hills. That is because you have a lot of ground to cover. Fortunately the shuttle runs between The Village (including Costco) and the Topanga Mall. The Village has tons of fabulous restaurants and boutiques and next door the Topanga Mall is expanding to include a new Food Hall in place of the old Sears. The Amazon store on Topanga replaced the old Toys R Us. For bargain hunters there’s also the Topanga Vintage Market each 4th Sunday of the month and cute vintage shops on Topanga Canyon. When you’re tired you can stop for a delicious snack at the Topanga Mall, the Village or along Ventura Blvd.