I am a Baby Boomer who is facing a whole host of new topics as I age and as my parents’ generation ages. My contemporaries are facing the same issues. The most important advice I have is “You have to anticipate your Loved Ones’ health and mobility issues so they know when to downsize before health or circumstance forces them to”.

Many of my contemporaries’ issues revolve around a family home and the emotions and belongings attached to them. As an admitted “collector” I understand and empathize with everyone faced with the task of dealing with the assortment of items we collect over the decades. As a Real Estate Broker I can help with housing decisions and as a “collector” I can help with downsizing issues.

In my Real Estate practice I help a few groups that I believe deserve extra special attention – Seniors, Probate & Divorce. They are dealing with a life in transition in addition to everyday life responsibilities. It can be very stressful. I want to make sure they have the best information to make informed decisions.

My specialized knowledge includes everything from probate and divorce real estate transactions, current CA property tax laws for those 55+, reverse mortgages and the importance of universal design to the uses of pensions, 401k accounts, and IRAs in real estate transactions. And when you need help from other professionals I can tap my network and put you in touch with qualified Home Improvement firms, Moving & Packing companies, Attorneys, CPAs, Financial advisors and other experts.

I enjoy helping those of the Post War Generation because they have such wonderful standards. They appreciate our many blessings and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Our society thinks younger is somehow better and I submit it is very wrong. Seniors are more fun and more interesting than they are given credit for. I think it is all that hard-earned experience.

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