Homes are a key component of our happiness and well-being. They can also be a burden if they aren’t suited to our present needs and abilities. It is a shame to see seniors who have successfully raised their families now live in homes that require too much care and maintenance which separate them from those they love. What keeps us in the same home? Fear of change! We will create a host of excuses to stay in our homes even when our families and friends have begged us to move to an environment that better meets our current needs. Occasionally fear is coupled with procrastination.

How to overcome fear and procrastination? Take it from the subjective realm to the objective realm. This may require a supportive friend or relative. Do a realistic assessment of your current situation both physically and mentally. Often, people on the outside can see more clearly than those too close to the situation. If it is obvious that a change would improve your life whether you move closer to family or your favorite recreation then begin the process of educating yourselves to options available.

Talk to your financial consultants or banker to see what assets are available to set a purchase budget or to sustain a long-term monthly payment. Lastly call me, Janey Bishop (a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist), to determine the current value of your home and develop a plan for the whole downsizing process.

Once it is clear as to what you can afford it is easier to assess which one story homes, condos or apartments and senior communities which fit your budget. Senior planners and placement specialists are great resources for information regarding senior community’s amenities and services plus fees and upfront charges. I can refer a number of very good placement specialists in the Los Angeles area.

Why wait for a health change, loss spouse or crisis management to determine when you will move? My childhood friend, Gerry, reported that her parents “were in their mid-80’s and had waited too long to move so that It became too burdensome for them face clearing the family home”. Her father passed away and her mother was alone in the big, empty family house. As Gerry said “They missed the window of opportunity to move” to a residence with less worry, less maintenance and more social interaction and it saddened Gerry and her siblings.

Your number one goal should be to maintain freedom and independence in the most healthful and positive environment possible. Your home should be a source of comfort and security. Downsizing from the family home is akin to graduating from school – full of wonderful memories but often the best next step.

Don’t miss your window of opportunity to move! Don’t worry if you have way too much stuff as I am in no position to throw stones. 🙂

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